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August 1, 2012
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Rule 1. Follow the naming laws.
A small but important rule, while its not officially put in the Warrior Code, however the clans do normally follow it, just like the other rules. Except Skyclan in some cases, So what's this rule?

DO NOT. Call your cat...

anything Moon. (Moonfur, Brightmoon etc)

Anything star UNLESS a leader. (Starwing, etc)

Anything that is a human item. (Hammerclaw, Bulletwind, Silverbarrel etc)

Clan words at the front of their names. (Unless that is a founder of a brand new clan, it shouldn't be there). (Thunderfoot. Windstorm Skywing)

When this has been broken: Windflight, Moonflower Skyheart. mistakes Vicky apologised for. Only exception to this was Skywatcher.

Quote from one of the Erin's about the moon name "...So the moon has significance, mystery, beauty, but not actual power, if you see what I mean. Early on, we decided that the name "moon" shouldn't be used by Clan cats not because it would insult StarClan, but because it would imply that a particular cat had more beauty and significance than its Clanmates. In fact (Warriors trivia coming up!) Bluestar was originally called Moonstone! "

What they said about human names/items in the main clans. "Cat names are meant to only come from natural sources, and are meant to only consist of words that a wild cat would know. "
Fun fact! Tigerclaw/stars original name was Hammerclaw! But Vicky changed it because wild cats don't understand our Two-leg things.


Use natural colours for names. (Grayspots, Blackpelt, Tawnyfur etc)

Use types of trees/plants for names. (Willowtail, Timberclaw etc.)

Name your warrior after landmarks and food. (Milksplash, Shrewnose, Runningcreek etc)

Avoid chucking random words together to make a name. Apparently this doesn't have to be followed in Skyclan. I mean Bouncefire? Harveymoon? Billystorm? Yes I understand the kittypets wanted to keep their names, they still sound stupid however. (Good examples of these failed names  are Waterblaze, Snailwing, Firecreek, Hutchwhisker, Blacklight etc)

If you are aiming to be original with names, but not sure on what, look up birds, look up tree types, anything that belongs to nature! Or just ask me, I'd be fine helping! (Elmpelt, Cedartail, Lilypatch Thriftpetal Ducknose.)


Probably the most obvious, but mostly ignored rule. Why? I have no idea. For those hazy on all the official rules of the warrior code, I shall list them right now for you!

1. Defend your own clan with your life. You are allowed Friendships with other clans, but your main loyalty must be to your clan.

2. Do not hunt on another territory, or trespass.

3. All Elders, Queens Medicine-cat and kits are always fed before the Leader, Deputy, Warriors or Apprentices. Only exceptions are if the warrior or apprentice leader or deputy is ill. Or if they have permission from the leader or deputy.

4. prey is killed for food, show thanks to Starclan/ancestors by burying the remains when you are finished.

5. A kitten must be six moons/months before being apprenticed.

6. New warriors will sit vigil the first night they are made a warrior.

7. A cat can't be a deputy unless having mentored one Apprentice

8. The deputy of the clan becomes leader once leader is dead, or retired.

9. Once there is a new leader, or the old deputy is deceased/gone. The leader must choose a new deputy before moon-high

10. A gathering is held every full moon, there is no fighting during this time, as a full moon is the sign of a truce.

11. Boundaries are patrolled daily

12. No warrior must ignore a kit in danger, pain or lost, even if it is from another clan.

13. You listen to the leader of your clan like it is the rules of the warrior code. In other words, not to be ignored

14. A warrior does not need to kill to win a fight, unless a last resort or the rogue/loner is dangerous to the whole clan.

15. A warrior despises and rejects the soft life of a kittypet.

And the additional rules!

No gender medicine cat can take a mate or kits. Only exception is if they had kits, and they died (most of the time) or if they had a mate, but the mate left the clan, hates them  stops being their mate, or their mate dies.

Kits must stay in camp unless apprenticed, or hunt unless given permission and under strict super vision by the deputy or leader.

The safety of the clan is more important than one single warrior, mate or not.

Clans can not unite to drive out other clans.

Clans can not force another clan to share territory.
Clans can not attack a patrol that is on a mission that is agreed on by all leaders.

I understand that sometimes you must break these rules to make your story more  interesting or liven it up. However I often find a clan barely listening to the code is boring and over done, a truly dedicated clan to the code would be an interesting read if you went into detail why. And if your going to make a "bad" character, make him a saint. Seriously. Them following the code savagely to death then  turning if the code might be hurt. Hence why Hollyleaf was a good character!Or make the "bad" character a believable character, while its possible he could just break the code for fun, actually go into depth as to WHY he hates the code. No being half clan doesn't count. Or a medicine cat. Nice try though. Also don't use the boring abused child route. Or heartbroken, you just make them like Ashfur,

Rule 3. TRY

Be it maybe you don't have much time to write, or "you don't want to write anything serious." I see a lot of pretty poor fan fiction about. It recycling either these story lines OVER and OVER.

A kit (be it tom or she cat) receives a prophecy when it is born, telling them  either about their great destiny, or great evil, they grow up and their parents/sibling/best friend die, so then the tom/she-cat become the clans best warrior/leader of (Insert area and clan here)

A blind cat becomes a warrior (which has been proven impossible) and then slowly deputy and leader. Has a 'hard life' of being sympathized with, not taken seriously and worst of all, laughed at. LEGASP.

Your cat gets super powers from some prophecy just like the Three in the official series. They rebel against the code, their family, clan because 'their power is too great for anyone to understand' either they go bat-shit, or do their destiny shit and are permanently better then every other cat. The end.

A cat always works hard in hopes to get the mate he/she wants. When they don't they become Bat shit insane.  Then kill their enemy/once wanted mate/someone. And continue to live with their angst, hating everyone around them.

Or a combination of all the above. Seriously all because your busy Doesn't mean you can't think outside the box! Take me for example, I'm busy with many things, yet I still sit here and am working hard on the first original warrior cat story there will be in a long time. And actually it isn't about my OC's (well one is, but she isn't a copy of anyone nor is she super powered-awesome-named or abused-sad-depressed psychopath.) And its set in the four clans around the lake. Maybe you should stick around and learn a few things and tips! I'm often about to help so if you actually sat back and said "Hmm what could I do to make this seem better" you can ask me. Seriously I like helping people that's why I wrote this.
Please give feedback, I spent ages writing this.
One of a handful of lists i'm making to help Warriors fans write better fan fictions. Feel free to ask for help if your ever stuck naming a character, or when writing. :)

Next list - Herbs and what they do!
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My story is about a tribe kit that was taken away by a hawk but the hawk dies and she survives. So my fan clan ThicketClan take her in. Her name is changed to Loomingkit so she's centered around this prophecy. More of a pre-prophecy because this a prologue to my series story Shattered. They have a slightly different warrior code. The only thing changed is that the clans must have two warriors in each clan knowledgeable about herbs just in case.
Scaletpool Featured By Owner Edited Nov 26, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
So I'm making a sort of sci-fi warrior series, and I kind of thought of the story and plot in one night. so this is what's going on:
(This is kind-of the summary)
it's the year 2057. Iron is a queen in the station on mars, since earth has been announced "unsustainable for life" after world war VI. Her mate is a follow up (a deputy stand) that was killed by another human, thought to be a wild animal/cat. Iron is devastated and is determined to find out who killed him. Secrets are uncovered every time she digs deeper, and could ruin the system for cats and humans forever.

I don't have an official prophecy, but this is mine:
"Sharp, un-cat like talons tear through anything in the way of it, even the beating hearts of the cats."
The prophecy won't be revealed until Iron joins the clans. (Yes, I know Iron isn't a warrior cat object, but she was raised by humans.)

Some things to note:
-all the cats in the space station are re-enforced with steal claws  (So they can defend themselves, the kits wont get theirs until they are smalls {apprentice age})
-There IS a station down on earth, but nobody can actually LIVE FOREVER on earth. they just go to and fro to gather oxygen for the space station.
-Iron has two kits; Frost and Fish. (frost was suggested by her mate, Carp)
-this is SCI-FI! its in the future, so not a lot of things will be left.

I would like some feed back please =3
(This will be like 3 books, but this will be spread out more)
SparkytheWingedCat Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have an idea for a whole original Warriors fan ark, but I've been having trouble making the plot less confusing and ridiculous. Basically it goes like this:

First Book: A SteamClan apprentice runs away due to her abusive mentor. A cat in another Clan finds her, and decides to train her in secret. She is eventually caught and the leader decides reluctantly to bring her in and become a MistClan cat. The new apprentice (Rainpaw) seems to get welcomed in time, but one of the apprentices is secretly jealous of her, as she wanted Rainpaw's mentor.

Second Book: A band of rouges living at a waterfall claim to be the original RockClan and name themselves StoneClan. In attempt to take their 'home' back, they try to rule the territory of MistClan, since the waterfall was in their territory. As you can guess, the book is about fighting StoneClan.

Third Book: The jealous apprentice (Olivepaw now Olivetail) has lost what her future would have been thanks to Rainpaw. Angry and resentful, Olivetail plots revenge, but as more cats from other Clans can relate to her, Olivetail eventually builds a 'Clan' and plans to kill Rainpaw.

That's all I have thoroughly planned out, and I'm not sure if it's any good. This guide was very nice and helpful though and I can see the effort put into it. Good job!
KINGSirDrMr Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
I'm doing extensive research on Warriors and the like for my own original fan arc; I've come from other fandoms full of fanfiction and lets just say... yours isn't like that at face value, but here's some tips anyway based on research I've done on my attempt at writing one of these (sorry, harsh tone comes from an admiration for concise fiction, which my English classmates in high school or college never seemed to be able to obtain. Pet peeve).

- Your SteamClan seems to be just a plot device for the beginning of the first book, and seems absent in the others. As a clan in your region, I think they should have some more attention throughout the arc.

- To me, thanks to the internet and Star Trek 'Mary Sue' characters from its fandom, the love triangle has been shot, stabbed, killed, reanimated, then crucified, burned, buried, and had the ground terraformed beneath it, cities built on top of it and bombed, and then rebuilt and burned, had all the ashes shot into space, etc... I would omit it from the conflict. I am aware that people like love stories, this one is more of a me preference; if not omitted, I usually prefer it to be a trait defining/shaping sub-plot instead. Just try to avoid droll predictability and untimely insanity.

- How many cats could possibly relate to being ignored by a love interest because another cat comes in and swoops them away? Also, how many of them would actually join Olivepaw to take revenge, going against the code (if your story uses it). Is it enough to take on MistClan?

- The self-proclaimed StoneClan seems more like a nascence than a conflict. It seems like it is just there to get defeated and act as a filler book, honestly I can't find any purpose in its existence from what was presented above.

- A whole book about a loaner getting taken in by another clan? That would be like a whole book about the first five chapters of Into the Wild; difficult to break past 10,000 words, let alone 80,000 (average novel length).

- (This one is one even the authors basically omitted from the Warriors books).
There is no character development in this arc from what I can tell. The original Warriors cast seemed like cardboard 2D characters with no real development in personality and ideals/morals based on the events that took place or the events of their lives. I urge anyone writing anything to give characters some sort of development. Why do you think so many people were attracted to Scourge's character after his manga release? He gets a B for effort.

The thing that throws me off the most is the plotline itself. It just needs to be more concise, because it seems like the first and third could be combined into one longer one, and the second omitted completely; that's most of my problem with this one. Other than that, at least you made a plan instead of going in I'm a writer guns blazing yippie-kay-yay cowboy I read all books Doritos Mountain Dew 360NO$COPE wrote as I go 3 a week kind of fanfic writer.
SparkytheWingedCat Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the critic :) I'll try to follow the advice.
MimMeow Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've spent a long time planning a fanfiction trilogy, here's the plot for the first book. Is it good enough?

Enraged by rejection by ThunderClan's leader, a StarClan cat fakes a prophecy to turn a ThunderClan cat against his leader. When the true nature of the prophecy is finally revealed, the cat of the prophecy is distraught, as his whole life was revolved around that prophecy, and it was what he built his identity upon. As the StarClan cat was from WindClan, he declares war on that Clan, even going so far as to bring modern BloodClan to the forest to have his revenge.

I haven't seen any fanfictions about a similar subject or plotline, but please tell me if I'm copying someone. Don't worry, I know exactly how to build up the emotions and motivations, so even if this seems extremely exaggerated the way I'm putting it, it should make good sense in the fanfiction itself.
KINGSirDrMr Featured By Owner Edited Nov 2, 2014
It's interesting (in a good way) that you didn't use StarClan cats as a means to give living cats powers, good job. I don't see how BloodClan would get involved since they don't believe in StarClan anyway, and would be hard to drag into the story.
Other than that based off what you presented here, I haven't heard of a decent fanfic with a StarClan protagonist, nicely conceived. Kind of reminds me of Greek myths about the god's interactions with the humans... except not as one-sided I hope.

EDIT: I just realized that comment was made in a month ago. Oops.
Ocarinasong Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014
That sounds ok to me. I don't see anything wrong with it. :)
shiningspirit731 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014  Student General Artist
My fan fic is:

     The medicine cat of thunderclan gets a message from Thunderstar and it is " there will be one of four destined to suffer while the others thrive" later four kits are born and the medicine cat has to find out which kit is going to suffer

the med cats name is Mistybreeze
the kits warrior names are Featherpool, Oatclaw, Waterstorm, and Sparrowflight
the father is Brackenclaw
but the mom is Moonheart......
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